Case Studies

Valsyan Housing Development: 150,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank

Background: Real Spring Housing Development required water storage for 216 Residential Apartments Scope: ENGAGE successfully provided and installed a cutting-edge E-Fusion Epoxy Bolted Steel water storage tank with a generous capacity of 150,000 US Gallons. This pivotal addition guarantees the water security of every resident in the Real Spring Housing Development, located in Valsyan. Benefits […]
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WASA Trinidad: Cali Booster Pump Station

Background: The California Storage Reservoir has a capacity of 5 Million Gallons and is located at the end of Phoenix Park Road.  It is designed as a floating reservoir on the Caroni South transmission system to fill during low demand periods and the buffer peak demand periods.  A 36” pipeline connects the reservoir to the […]
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Demerara Distillers: Water Treatment Upgrade

Background: Demerara Distillers Limited, located in Diamond Guyana, South America. Planned a plant expansion “TOPCO Project” Scope: DDL contracted ENGAGE to Design and Build a Water Treatment System to intake raw well water, store it and treat the water to a standard that would be acceptable for bottling beverages. The project took place during the […]
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