WASA Trinidad: Cali Booster Pump Station

Background: The California Storage Reservoir has a capacity of 5 Million Gallons and is located at the end of Phoenix Park Road.  It is designed as a floating reservoir on the Caroni South transmission system to fill during low demand periods and the buffer peak demand periods.  A 36” pipeline connects the reservoir to the 54” Caroni South transmission main. With a reduction in the system efficiency over time, the reservoir cannot be effectively filled from the Caroni transmission system’s current operating conditions.  It is therefore intended to construct a booster pump station to fill the reservoir during low water demand periods and allow the tank to float during peak demand periods.


Scope: The Water & Sewerage Authority (WASA) contracted Engineering Agencies (Caribbean) Limited (ENGAGE) to design and construct a Booster Pump Station in the California, Phoenix Park Area meeting the following design criteria:

    • Two (2) Duty & One (1) Standby Pumps with the following specifications:
    • Voltage: 400V/3/60
    • Flow (each): 6250 USGPM @ 50 Psig Boost
    • Suction Pressure: 120 – 130 ft TDH

The Booster Pump Station will utilize three (3) Peerless Horizontal Split Case 6250 USGPM Pumps, each controlled by a Siemens Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) installed in Motor Control Center in Control Room.

ENGAGE proposes a Bypass System with a motorized butterfly valve which will allow the reservoirs to discharge past the Booster Pump Station.