Water Supply

Commercial water supply pumps are used to move water from a water source, such as a tank, well, or reservoir, to the commercial or industrial building that needs the water. These pumps are typically designed to provide a continuous supply of water at a consistent pressure, and they come in various types and sizes depending on the specific application.

Some common types of commercial water supply pumps include:

  • Booster Pumps: These pumps are used to increase water pressure in a commercial or industrial building, often to maintain consistent water pressure on upper floors or in areas of high demand.
  • Submersible Well Pumps: These pumps are designed to be placed directly in the water source and are submerged in water. They are often used for wells and other deep water sources, and can pump water from great depths. Submersible pumps are generally very efficient and low-maintenance.
  • Jet pumps: These pumps use a combination of pressure and suction to draw water from a well or other water source. They are commonly used in residential and commercial applications and are often less expensive than other types of pumps.

The selection of a commercial water supply pump depends on various factors such as the water source, flow rate, pressure requirements, and specific application requirements.