Fire Packages

A fire pump package is a complete set of components designed to provide water flow and pressure to a fire protection system. Fire pump packages are typically used in large commercial or industrial buildings to ensure that there is enough water pressure to operate the sprinkler system and other fire suppression equipment in the event of a fire.

A typical fire pump package includes a fire pump, electric motor or diesel engine, controller, jockey pump, suction and discharge piping, and other accessories such as valves, gauges, and alarms. The fire pump is responsible for drawing water from a supply source, such as a tank or city water main, and increasing the water pressure to the level required by the fire protection system.

The jockey pump is a small pump that is used to maintain the pressure in the system during normal operation, while the main fire pump only activates in the event of a fire. The controller is responsible for monitoring the system and automatically starting the fire pump when necessary.

Fire pump packages are critical components of a building’s fire protection system and must be designed, installed, and maintained in accordance with applicable codes and standards to ensure their reliable operation in an emergency.